Coming together

Closing the skills gap

This site is a joint project to increase business engagement in career pathways by making it easier for them to find and connect with the schools and organizations who are offering some pretty amazing programs to schools, students, and businesses.

There are over 430,000 youth in Santa Clara County. If we want all these students to graduate high school ready for careers, then we're going to need to work together to dramatically expand the work-based learning experiences students have access to. Luckily, there are many ways businesses can shape their future talent. The organizations found here offer a number of engagement opportunities, varying in time, commitment, and impact.


Internships and employment

High-school, college aged, or re-entering the workforce; summer or year-round - discover new sources for talent.

Work-based learning

Career days, job shadowing, field trips to your company - learn how you can introduce students to your business and industry.

Connect with teachers

Externships, job shadowing, and industry partners - you can support local teachers to bring current industry practice into the classroom.


Impact policy

Advocate for the policies that will allow you to develop the workforce you need.

Feedback on curriculum

Business moves quickly - make sure schools are teaching the skills that businesses need now.


Connect your employees with volunteer opportunities where their professional expertise will help support youth on their pathways to careers.